NSDateFormatter And Finding World Time

bluepi0j Objective-ciOS

When I was writing an app of finding world time, I find a really interesting issue of NSDateFormatter.

When we initialize a NSDate object, with [NSDate date], it’s GMT time, rather than the time depends on our local time zone; and when we wants to print the string of local time by using NSDateFormatter it will add the time difference between tour local time zone and the GMT time directly.

Now we are going to find another city’s time. First we will initialize NSDate with GMT time. Then we use the NSTimeZone to find the time zone of the city which you want to know its time( citiesTimeZone), and the time zone of the city your location now( locolTimeZone).

Then, we use NSTimeInterval to find time differences between your location and GMT time( locolTimeInterval) and between the city you pick and GMT time(citysecondFromGMT).

We know if we want to know the time of city we pick, we just need to add time difference from GMT time( citysecondFromGMT). Why we need to find the locolTimeZone?

As I said before, when we use NSDateFormatter, it will add the time difference between tour local time zone and the GMT time(locolTimeInterval) directly. So, we need to minus this locolTimeInterval from citysecondFromGMT.

After all, we can return a weird date, NSDateFormatter this date, and then you can print the right thing you want.

- (NSDate *)transferTimeBy:(NSString *)cityTimeZoneName {
	NSDate *GMTDate=[NSDate date];

	//timezone you pick
	NSTimeZone *citiesTimeZone=[NSTimeZone 	timeZoneWithName:cityTimeZoneName];
	//所选城市所在时区距离GMT所差的时间(in second)
	NSTimeInterval citysecondFromGMT = [citiesTimeZone secondsFromGMT];

	//locol time zone
	NSTimeZone *locolTimeZone = [NSTimeZone localTimeZone];
	NSTimeInterval locolTimeInterval = [locolTimeZone secondsFromGMT];
	citysecondFromGMT = citysecondFromGMT - locolTimeInterval;
	GMTDate = [NSDate dateWithTimeInterval:citysecondFromGMT 	sinceDate:GMTDate];
	return GMTDate;
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